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Utterly pointless

Managed to get this to more or less behave as expected ONCE, and it produced an unreadable file. Every time thereafter - even when uninstalled and reinstalled - it failed to funtion properly at all. With massive interface problems, it appears completely unresponsive, but does eventually produce an incredibly low-quality video (with artifacts galore). I have never given an app this poor a rating before. I cannot imagine paying for their other versions if they cant get this one right. Pass.

It did what I needed

I have a bike camera that records in .avi, and I wanted to use iMovie to crop the video for posting online, but that program won’t accept .avi files. Total Video Converter Lite worked very easily to convert to a .mp4 on Yosemite 10.10.5.

Total Video Converter Lite

Works great most of the time. At other times, it quits unexpectedly. I sent the reports to Apple. Hope they can make it woirk 100% of the time instead of 85%.


Every time that I try to drag a video to it, it crashes. I can’t comment on the quality of the conversion if I can’t evem begin the process. I am totally up-to-date with El Capitan, so that shouldn’t be an issue. I have MAC FREE 3D VIDEO CONVERTER that lets me make 2D and 3D for TV’s and anaglyph 3D that I can use on my Mac and it’s totally free. Got it at CNET. It works great with a lot of options.

iTunes No Go

They advertise it will auto transfer to iTunes. I have attempted over 6 conversions from .MKV files and not one has played or auto transferred to iTunes. Yes! the box was checked in Preferences. Not to mention even after conversion manual file drop into iTunes still doesn’t accept the file.

Not Useful

I am not tech savvy and thought this should be an easy fix for a google docs video someone sent me. I downloaded the app and converted the video according to the icon for apple products. It converted my file but won’t play on my imac because it says I need version 7 of Quicktime. I have version 10pointsomething.

Work Great!

This is a great tool! I use it for youtube and it works great! Ideal for changing internet recordings to mp4 files! This is great!

issues with rotation of a full video

this app cannot rotate a full video properly : the with and the height are simply not swapped and the final result is distorted

Great app!

I have downloaded many apps that promise to convert everything into anything you want. This is the first that fulfill that promise. I recommend it!

"Can not convert VOB-Files"

I wanted to convert DVDs to music files ... doesnt work!

you have to do better

ok, its cheap. but it has an ugly interface and behaves unexpectedly. you can´t drop multible files on it. You have to open single files, adjust settings every time… it´s no fun. upgrade? never

best so far

probably the best conversion program Ive used yet. Handbrake is great for mp4, but for converting to avi, which i need, this program is fantastic. Better than anything else I have tried so far, and I have tried a lot!


Simply, easy to use video converter for the non-pro user.

Does not work for my AVI

Unexpectantly closes when trying to convert from MS-MPEG-4 Video V2 (MP42). Tried all other AVI formats. No luck.


Downloaded this app and it literally does nothing. Ive properly installed my app and drag and dropped my video file, selected my output, and thats it, it just switches back to the main program window. It literally does nothing. Dont waste your time with this.


例えば m2ts → AVC H264 MP4 への変換で、normal quality と high quality のどちらを選んでもビットレートが610kb/sの汚い絵しかでてこない。ユーザー側でビットレートの調整ができればいいのですが、そのような機能はなさそうです。私が欲しいソフトではありませんでした。

Works, but...

I’m not a video expert by any definition, but converting a HD video from WMV to MP4 resulted in a significant loss of resolution, even after setting to app to convert to higher quality. The effect was comparable to going from 720p to 240p on Youtube. Even the audio was noticably deterioated. It did however convert the full video without crashing or any other complication. I deleated the app and looked for another one.

works, but

Very low resolution, lots of artifacts. There has to be something a bit better...

It trash all the time

Im glad its a free demo, because was the biggest waste of time to download and try it. Im trying to find a good wmv converter for my mov files exported from FCP and had good experience with windows converter but mac ones are really a disapointment... And this one adds up to the list. Dont even bother....

Too slow to be of any use.

I tried converting MP4 to AVI and it was taking forever. At this rate it would take days to convert the 7 files I have. I’m not that patient.

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